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Update Page for David Hanson

Chronilogical Updates on David Hanson's Story

For the most current news to date visit: The Cerebral Climb Blog by Rachel Hanson

2014 ~ More Chapters in David's Story

August 2012 ~ David's Initial Accident

September 2012 ~ David Waking Up!

October 2012 ~ The Miracle of Life

November 2012 ~ "To God Be The Glory"

December 2012 ~ Merry Christmas and a Reflection on a Year of Blessing

January 2013 ~ A Visit From the Siblings (followed by a few setbacks)

February 2013 ~ More Excercise in Patience & Prayer

March 2013 ~ More of God's Mercies

April 2013 ~ Welcome Jocelyn!

May 2013 ~ Care Meridian

June 2013 ~ Happy Anniversary!

July 2013 ~ Workin' out for the Good!

August 2013 ~ One Year Since Accident

September 2013 ~ Going Home

October 2013 ~ Happy Birthday David!

November 2013 ~ The Next Level

December 2013 ~ The Family Van

8/16/12 (Nathan Hanson) Seeing David was very sobering on a whole new level to say the least. We praise the Lord for some amazing things that have happened, but still have many times wondered what God has in store. We don't quit hoping and praying for the Lord's will in this and do our best to trust Him. We often wonder, what would David say if he were conscious right now? I know David better than most, and have recently spoken with his co-workers, many family members and friends. I don't think anyone who knows him would disagree. He has already said it. The words of Rachel (David's wife as of June 16th 2012) sum it up well: "We are reminded of our human frailty and how our lives are held in a fragile balance. If David could have one wish out of this whole things, I believe with all my heart that it would be that souls would bow their hearts before the Creator and Saviour of the World and accept his propitiative work on the cross for their sin and make Him Lord of their lives." This recording is one example which seems to fit the circumstances well. It has become very popular among the guys David works with and many others. There are many copies of this being distributed every day by all those who know David. It was recorded only a few years ago by David himself. Will You Be Ready When Your Time Comes? -David Hanson

To order a FREE copy of the CD please click here: Life Lines Page

Picture: David, Rachel and Jocelyn Hanson on Thanksgiving (November 28th, 2013)